Our Story

Founder & CEO Jennet Chow

What do shoes mean to you? For Jellypop founder Jennet Chow, they are an integral part of her upbringing, education, and passion. To understand Jellypop Shoes and everything the brand stands for, it is important to first understand Jennet’s story and how each of her encounters with shoes led her to this incredible brand and company today. Jennet’s relationship with shoes actually begins with her parents Harry and Judy Chow, who embody the grit and determination of the “American Dream.” After immigrating to the United States with only a few hundred dollars, Harry and Judy worked hard to make ends meet and started working with a relative in Taiwan to import shoes and sell them at local swap meets in Los Angeles.

Even at the young age of four, Jennet started going with her parents to the swap meets every weekend at 5 am to set up shop, and as she grew older she became deeply involved in every step of the process. Her parents later went on to form their own company, and even while attending FIDM and studying manufacturing management, Jennet helped her parents with administration and management. Jennet’s parents introduced her to the world of shoes and instilled in her a deep appreciation for creativity, teamwork, and the grit that it takes to run a small business. Unfortunately they had to eventually shut down the company, but the dream of developing a shoe company still burned strongly in Jennet.

Using everything she had learned, Jennet founded her company Evolution Design Lab and the brand Jellypop Shoes in 2009. Having been around the fashion and shoes industry for so long, Jennet wanted to create a brand that shone true to her core values. She was inspired by her daughter to create shoes they would both love and enjoy. The result was Jellypop Shoes, a trendy, fun, and sophisticated shoe brand that women across generations could feel good in. Jennet focuses on creating practical, comfortable, and affordable shoes to fit any occasion. The Jellypop team works hard to bring women the best styles and even travels abroad to study international fashion.

On top of that, the team personally tests and wears each style to ensure quality and comfort for all their customers. Jennet wants to empower women and girls by sharing beautiful styles at affordable prices andgiving back to the community with philanthropic efforts and shoe donations. Shoes take you places, literally, and through Jellypop Shoes Jennet hopes to help women of all ages find joy everyday, express their styles, and pursue their dreams.

Jellypop is a line of stylish footwear laced with flirty details and feminine patterns that is perfect for the dynamic lifestyle of our always on-the-go Jellypop girl. Our shoes consistently deliver on high-quality craftsmanship and on-trend designs that are comfortable and versatile to wear. Our line includes gladiator sandals, casual and dress shoes, wedges, sneakers and boots - all chic enough to be a must-have staple in any girl’s closet!

Jellypop is created by a team of designers who are passionate about art, culture, and fashion. In fact, Jellypop designers often travel aboard to study the lastest fashions and ensure that our shoes are always on top of the hottest trends. They are also intimately involved with a fit and make of each shoe. Each designer not only personally wears and tests each shoe design for comfort and style, they also travel to our factories to design onsite.

The fashion industry is known for its fickleness, but with teamwork, creativity, and expertise all rolled into each shoe, it is no wonder that Jellypop never go out of fashion!